7 Dresses That Will Banish A Problem Tummy

Is your tummy your problem area? Never fear! Here’s some simple style tips that’ll keep you looking slim and trim.

1) Get all-wrapped up

Why isA�Diane Von Furstenberg a fashion legend? Because her invention of the wrap dress is absolute genius. These babies aren’t just easy to throw-on they also hide a multitude of sins (especially problem tummies). The best part? They flatter just aboutA�everyA�size and shape. Thank you Diane!


VOK Apple Green Dress with wrap detail was $110.00 now $39.00


2) Go DarkerA�

If your wearing solid colours, darker tones tend toA�look more slimming than lighter ones. Why? Because lighter tones reflect light, it’s easierA�for the eye to see lumps and bumps whereas darker tones absorb light having the opposite effect. Don’t just stick with black, experiment with dark colours like navy, burgundy, emerald green, charcoal and royal purple.

VOK-D31005-Black-dVOK Black Wrap Dress was $22.00 now $39.00


3) Turn up the volumeA�

Opt forA�highA�waisted A-line or gathered skirts. Their natural form will hide your stomach area, whilst highlighting your slim upper waist.

VOK textured white dress was $93.00 now $35.00


4) Gather ’roundA�

Structural details like ruching and gathering are great hacks for drawing attention away from your stomach. Just remember to steer clear of shiny fabrics, beaded embellishments and/or any other loud details. These will have the opposite effect.A�VOK-D31000-RosePink-d

VOK Rose Pink Dress with ruching was $122.00 now $39.00


5) Patterns are a plusA�

Like dark colours, patterns and prints haveA�a tendency to trick the eye. This is due to the difficulty the eye has differentiating between highlights and shadows on patterned surfaces. In other words: what tummy? Avoid aA�Kim Kardashian couch impersonationA�byA�breaking patterns up withA�colour blocking or showing off some skin.A�

VOK Multicolour Floral Dress was $110.95 now $39.00


6)A�Bring your waistline upA�

Shop for styles that anchor reasonably high on the waist. Think empire waistlines and styles that sit on your slim part between you bust and your waist.A�VOK-D31018-RosePinkShinyGoldDust-d

VOK Rose Pink Shiny Gold Dust Dress was $93.00 now $35.00


7) Belt-itA�

Start a love affair with belted styles. Thicker belts are best as they make your waist look longer and leaner. Sit them above your stomach- not on it. This will draw attention to your slimmer areas.


VOK Sky Blue Dress was $122.00 now $39.00


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