This is why you need to build a capsule wardrobe for autumn

Women are often accused of cluttering their wardrobe and if you ask me there is some truth in it. Just think about how often we complain that we have nothing to wear. Some people recommend you regularly declutter your wardrobe, others swear by the pile-strategies, i. e. making piles different piles for clothing you want to keep, donate or throw away. It is out of question that all these ideas are very helpful to free ourselves from fashion fails or items we once fell in love with but will never wear just because it doesn’t suit us. At the same time we run the risk of making the same mistake again and spending our money thoughtlessly.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. It is called capsule wardrobe. This idea does not only help you looking put together but also to spend your money wisely. So what exactly is it? Imagine you would go on a 2 weeks trip and pack your suitcases. Depending on the season and region you go to you would pack clothes that can be easily matched or mixed and therefore most likes also have similar colours. Congratulations you have just created a capsule! Now, let’s go a step further and transfer this idea from packing for a holiday to daily life. In terms of planning, the easiest thing you can do is to have 1 capsule per season. If you have a thing for accessories, cocktail dresses or even workout wear, you could arrange these items in mini capsules. You alone decide how many capsules you want to create.

To keep things easy, let’s keep the example of splitting your wardrobe into four sections: autumn, winter, spring, summer.

Each capsule could consist of the following number of items

5 x pairs of shoes

6 x A�bottoms

15 x tops

2 x dresses

2 x skirts

2 x A�jackets

If you only wear dresses and skirts in summer you could even ban pants from this specific wardrobe.

If you follow the idea behind it, you will find it much easier to choose items which can be mixed and therefore don’t have to worry about which shirts goes best with this and this jeans. How great is that? You will therefore most likely automatically opt for more basics and follow your own fashion instinct rather thanA�crazy trends which are all too often not really suitable for daily use.

Now that it’s getting cooler so quickly, let’s create a mini autumn capsule 🙂

The first thing you should opt for is a nice top which you can wear on multiple occasions, be it work or weekend.

Grey Womens Long Sleeve Top

Grey long sleeve top by Dinamit was NZ$46 and is now NZ$9.

Here is a wardrobe essential you might actually want to keep in all 4 capsules: a white blouse

Button-Up Front Blouse Ecru

Botton-up front blouse Ecru by Nife was NZ$100 and is now NZ$35.

Because every capsule also includes your work attire, we recommend you get suit trousers. You can also easily turn your work outfit into a party outfit when swapping a blouse for a nice top instead.

Cotton Slim Fit Pleated Front Trousers Black

Black cotton slim fit pleated front trousersA�by Nife were NZ$174 and are now NZ$49.

A nice pair of jeans is always a good idea! Instead of hoarding thousands of different denims, stick with the basics and opt for a dark, high quality jeans.

Petite Bootcut Bridget

Petite bootcut Bridget by Joe’s Jeans was NZ$272 and is now NZ$89.

You prefer skirts to jeans? No problem at all, midi-skirts are the perfect go-to for you in the cooler season.

Over The Knee Length Skirt Navy

Navy over the knee length skirt by Nife was NZ$174 and is now NZ$35.

Do you have favourite jacket? Winter jackets are always a big investment, therefore you should not only opt for one which keeps you warm but also which fits you perfectly and can be worn at multiple occasions.

Cotton Double-Breasted Belted Long Jacket Marine

Marine cotton double-breasted belted long jacket by Drei Master was NZ$429 and is now NZ$215.

No autumn capsule is complete without a solid pair of ankle boots. They go with nearly every style and are comfortable at the same time.

Black Leather Boots

Black leather boots by Easy Steps was NZ$183 and is now NZ$95.00.

These were our must-haves for your autumn capsule. Maybe you will find that you want to keep one or another item for every capsule. And there is nothing wrong about it. However, try to keep most of your clothes separated in different capsules, otherwise you will run the risk of cluttering your wardrobe again and shop clothes that don’t go together. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stop shopping. That would be pretty cruel, wouldn’t it? As soon as you put all your clothes into categories and find the right angle for you, you can add new clothes to each capsule. Believe me, you will spend your money more wisely and will also be more organised!

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