LBD: Homage to the most iconic of all dresses

Coco Chanel once said “A woman without a little black dress has no future.” Well, we wouldn’t put it that way but yes, there is some truth in it, every woman should own at least one LBD – the famous Little Black Dress. So what is it that makes this fashion item so iconic? Quite easy, the LBD is like a fashion statement. We could even compare it to a pair of well fit denims or Louboutin pumps (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that expensive!). The message is always the same, these pieces will never ever go out of fashion or to say it like Edith Piaf “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place”.

So what should you take into consideration when buying a LBD? Rule number one: It has to be comfortable! Yes, it’s right, you can wear a black dress for almost any occasion, no matter if it’s for a job interview, a chic dinner party, when going to to theatre, weddings…the list is endless! BUT! You will only wear it if you feel comfortable in it, trust me! Also, opt for a real black, i. e. stone cold black, because after all we don’t want to bring the fiasco of “is it black and blue or white and gold’ back to life again! If you are a little bit worried about wearing too much black, you can easily play with colourful accessories, be it shocking pink pumps, coloured blazers and you can go nuts with accessories!

What else is so great about the LBD? If the previous arguments haven’t already convinced you, here’s another one. A little black dress is meant for all seasons. Some might associate the colour black more with winter or autumn, but since we have endless possibilities in how to style a black dress, we can easily pull it off with a floral scarf for a garden party in summer or with a long coat in winter. You will always look put together! Moreover, you can define ‘little’. If you feel more comfortable wearing mid-calf than mid-thigh black dress, go for it! The same goes for the shape of the dress, no matter if apple shaped, flat, halter-neck dress, V-neck, long sleeves, short sleeves, you choose the dress that fits your body shape best!

We have collected our 6 favourite LBD for you from our V.O.K sale and the best part? Nothing over NZ$25!

Black Dress

Dress with 3/4 sleeves was NZ$130 and is now NZ$19.

Black Dress

Cut-out dress was NZ$113 and is now NZ$25.

black Dress

Asymmetric dress was NZ$143 and is now NZ$25.

Black Dress

Dress with sweetheart neckline was NZ$125 and is now NZ$25.

Black Lace Sleeveless Dress

Short lace dress was NZ$143 and is now NZ$19.

Black Dress

Classic sleeveless dress was NZ$114 and is now NZ$19.

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