Hello 2017! Tips On Conquering The New Year

A new year can be an exciting time for most. Some may be gearing up for the wedding of their dreams, planning for a picturesque holiday or making a big move.

We can harness this time and that “clean slate” feelingA�to build upon and create new goals because direction is what keeps us on track and motivated. For some however, a new year is an anxious time, not having anything to look forward to can feel like a building slump is creating itself right in front of you. While it’sA�all too easy to set goals, it’s just as easy to lose motivation half way down the track and then feeling guilty for not fulfilling those goals. Finding that happy balance is crucial to that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the year which is how we ultimately want to feel!

Here are some tips I want to share on how to set goals, stay motivated and follow through.

1. Reflect on last year

A new year means improving on the last, take the time to look back and recognize what you didn’t like and what you did like. Did a range of events last year cause you to feel negative and unhappy? Did cutting ties in a relationship cause you to feel relieved? Experience teaches you a lot soA�to reflect on what you already know can help you understand your current situation and what you want toA�change.


2.A�Set those goals!

Before you start,A�have a realistic mentality!A�Achievable goals are ones that are specific and reasonable. If you don’t know where to start, aA�good way to set goals is to look at the following life categories to set small alterations you want to see happen. Not all categories need to have a goal but it is a good place to narrow down what area(s) you would like to focus on.

a) Health – e.g. stop smoking, reduce intake of sugar, improve self esteem

b) Relationships – e.g. toxic relationships, spend more time with loved ones

c) Finance – e.g. Saving for a holiday, start a savings account and save x amount, pay off debt by end of year

d) Career – e.g. Am I happy? Do I want to make a change?


Start with these categories and from there, figure out what it is you want to change and how you want to do it. If it’s a goal that is measurable, for example quitting smoking, a good way to stay motivated is to withdraw or deposit the money you would usually spend daily/weekly and put into a savings account. Watch that money grow! Keep yourself reminded as to why you are doing this. Gather inspiration, keep notes around the place, have monthly/daily check ins on your phone to reflect on your plan’s progress!


Image via phoebesoup