DIY Bunny Cupcakes For Easter

Looking for a last minute dessert? Or even as a holiday project for the kids?A�This super-cute (and super simple) Easter Bunny cupcake project isA�ideal for the creatively challenged.

Impress yourself and your guests with out easy-as tutorial. Check it out below.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

You will need:

– Twelve un-iced cupcakes

– One packet of Marshmallows

– Dusting sugar in red or pink

– Icing (make your own with this recipe)

– Scissors or a sharp knife

Step 1.

With the scissors, cut the marshmallowsA�in half horizontally.


Step 2.

Spread a thin layer of dusting sugar onto a flat plate and dip the sticky side ofA�the marshmallow halvesA�into the sugar.


Step 3.

Repeat with all the cut marshmallows. YouA�should have twenty four pieces when completed.


Step 4.

Ice the cupcakes with yourA�icing mixture, then stickA�two marshmallow pieces onto yourA�cupcake. Allow for a one centimeter gap between the marshmallows.


Step 5.

RepeatA�for all remaining cupcakes.


There you have it! Your army of Easter Bunny cupcakes are ready to be devoured (or displayed- whichever has your fancy). Set to wow your guests with quirky yumminess.

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