A Gorgeous Twist on Tradition

Tis the time to start decorating the house once again in preparation for the most festive time of year!

For us, its a time of family coming together for amazing food, gift giving and lots of photos! Where some may experience a cold, cuddly Christmas with lots of snow, there are the other half who experience a blissfully warm summer which makes this idea a favourite of ours for a twist on the warmer silly season!


For a fresh look on the Christmas tree this year, try decorating with silk flowers instead of the recycled, musty tinsel stowed away deep in the cupboards (we’re all guilty of it). You can opt for low priced artificial flowers from a dollar store or spend that extra money on gorgeous silk flowers that can be used year after year.


Starting with larger flowers, use these to pin point patterns and colour variations, filling the gaps with medium to small flowers. This vibrant option will bring a modern twist to tradition and paired with fairy lights, will still keep that festive feel alive.



This gorgeous idea is courtesy of Bri Emery, AKAA�designlovefest