Innovative Kitchenwares by Art & Cook

For the kitchenphile with a penchant for design, Art + Cook is definitely a brand that you should be keeping an eye on. The brainchild of Allan Ben, the brand is a byproduct of his belief that cooking in itself is an artform and that the entire process of food preparation, from the simple to the intricate is a pursuit of the senses.

As such, his mission to alter the notion of kitchenwork being tedious and time-consuming resulted in the birth of this very brand. With a commitment to create kitchen tools that would not only heighten performance but also enhance the visual gratification that came along with it, the brand designs beautifully crafted kitchen essentials with a strong modernist aesthetic.

Each tool is designed to provide its user with greater efficiency and control resulting in a more rewarding cooking experience. Constructed from high quality materials that offer durability and function, all incorporated with labour and time-saving features, each item in this sale is a harmonious combination of function, quality and elegance.

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