This Mac and Cheese Recipe Has THE Most Glorious Twist…

It’s difficult to top a good ol’ fashioned Mac and Cheese but it seems that this creative chef has done just that. Emeril Legasse has invented- brace yourself- an Air Fried Mac and Cheese Wheel. That’s right: an AIR FRIED MAC and CHEESE WHEEL!

Is your head spinning? CosA�it should be. The delectable upgrade isn’t justA�a genius twistA�on a family classic, it’s cheap and takes only 45 mins to make.

Requiring four (yes FOUR!) types of cheeses, spices, butter, breadcrumbs and pasta, this baby is far fromA�gluten free, dairy freeA�or vegan friendly- just 100% delicious, nostalgic-tasting yumness

Thank you Emeril!A�You’ve just added a whole new reason to my existence!

Get the full recipe here: Air Fried Mac & Cheese Wheel

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